Music. I dig it. So I decided to make it.

First I dug the beat. The rhythm. So I got into drums. My family was really cool and got me into drum lessons.

Later in high school, a buddy and guitar player I was jamming with, taught me guitar. one chord at a time. At the same time I was diggin DMB and between Daves guitar and Carters drums, DMB took up the rest of my high school days.

 After high school comes California, and life lessons of shitty egos and even shittier roommates. I came back to ohio.

My Story


free the music. free yourself



Premier Genista

Custom 7x14 snare w wood hoop

Tama 3x13 pic snare -timbale

DDrum octobons high and low sets

Zildjian A custom

15" and 17" crashs

two 8" and one 10" splashs

20" projection ride

20" flat ride

Roland SPD-SX

LP high and low jam blocks and cowbell

 Promark TX5ABW sticks

Bic lighters and orange packs of Zig Zags